Thursday, September 26, 2019

Goddess Abstraction: text and image

Persephone is almost finished.

I though she was done but I've decided to write the name of each archetype being represented onto their painting.  I was avoiding doing this because I didn't want to be heavy handed but I think it adds to the painting to have each name integrated into the image.

I started to add the words "Diving Feminine" to my first painting in the series.  Lately when I have been painting letters I have done it in a very particular manner using a ruler and thin, precise lines to write each letter.

For this painting I was using a gold paint to inscribe her title into a semi circle around the upper half of her body.  Sadly as I went to measure out the spacing for the second word I realized I had misspelled the first word.  :-(

It is a bummer because in paintings likes this one to correct a mess up in the final details means I have to repaint the background around it to erase the mistakes.  I was feeling frustrated about making an all-too-common-for-me spelling error I decided maybe this is an opportunity for stretching my creativity.

I've been trying to add more painterly elements into my schematic designing process.  I think writing the goddesses names in a more free flowing script would be both a fitting challenge and lovely ornament.

Handwriting is not my strongest skill.  I've always been a scribbler with words but when I come at language from a calm and meditative place I can often pull off something elegant.  It also means I'll have to practice writing the name to get it correctly into my hand before getting it into the canvas.

As a person who paints for her business I can get fixated on getting my work done quickly and efficiently.  Having to integrate time to stop, focus, create and practice builds a nice moment of intentional slowness into my practice.

In building a relationship with goddess energy I've always been taught to take each step slowly, to let her energy sink in, to listen deeply and be intentional in my actions...and to also see the wisdom in the moments that seem like stumbles and roadblocks.

As often happens in my creative process and in my spiritual life having to take a few steps backwards helps me to find a greater clarity to drive me forward.

Now I gotta go practice writing in decorative cursive letters....until next time.   Blessed be.