Monday, February 29, 2016

Paintings from January and February 2016


Mississippi River: NOLA Riverbend

These are the first on many more portraits of the New Orleans bend of the Mississippi River.  They are painted in gouache on paper and framed in velvet covered mat board.



She's done.  I'm in love.
Gaia is the Greek name for the goddess who embodied the primal consciousness of the earth.  She is that which is.  Like the earth this womanly form is surrounded by the cycling moon.  The rose at her base is jeweled with the blue and green tones of the planet.



Snake and skull
This is based off of a sketch I did for a friend around the time I started my Beautiful Bodies series.  I came across the sketch around the beginning of January and was drawn to paint it.  In the middle of working on it I decided to change my practice and move away from making skeletons my primary body of work.  This image is iconic of the energy of heartfelt inspiration and inner transformation this series has embedded in my heart.

I love this painting.   It's fire and heart ignite something deep within me.  I've done a few versions of the background fire bird and the skeleton frame before.  This combination feels the most complete of any I have done so far.

"Liberty Enlightens the World" is the actual title of the design of the Statue of Liberty.  I've done a few versions of this one before and always love sending her light out into the world.

Inverted Beautiful Bodies
I knew these would be the last little Beautiful Bodies paintings so I made them a bit different.  I'm totally into how they came out.

See With Your Heart
I liked this design enough that I made a larger one.  Soooooo into the shimmer of the iridescent paint.

Unicorn Tapestry

Cosmic Meditation
I've done so many of these and really am enjoying this wider canvas.  It feels like the extra space gives this skeleton the room it needs to breathe.

This mermaid design has been my companion for a long time.  She gets all the love and attention but often these paintings will take a while to sell.  It was starting to concerned me until a friend pointed out that I was drawn to skeleton mermaids for the deep level of inner alchemy they evoke.  And that it takes a special person to want a painting which symbolizes the ability to reach our deepest depths and return to the surface.

ABCs of the Heart
Part of changing my practice means finishing up projects.  I started making these panels years ago with the intention of making one design for each letter, scanning them and then putting together an ebook called ABCs of the Heart.  I kept putting this project off but now all I have left is Z!!!



Surrender Sunset


Fall apart

Trust in love



Pure wild