Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Beautiful Bodes: See With Your Heart

Since I decided to only share one post about my Goddess Abstraction project that opened up space for another topic in my blogging practice.  Ive decided to write a monthly overview of the different themes that have come up in my Beautiful Bodies series.  I have been doing them for three years now and its been interesting to see how my designs and themes have grown and changed.

I figured I would start off with a post about the piece I often call my thesis:  See With Your Heart.  I feel like a metaphor for my work as a street artist is to be someone who hands out hearts to the world.  This piece most embodies this impulse.

If there is anything I actively want people to get out of my work it is to remember that their heart is there and that it has a special way of seeing the world.  The idea of seeing with your heart to me champions empathy, compassion and listening to those around us.  Its not something that gets enough attention in modern mainstream culture and the healer in me wants to shout this from the mountaintop.  Instead I paint it.  Over and over again.  I sell it, say thank you and paint another one.  And it feels real good each time.

In case you need it today, here is your reminder see with your the form of a journey through my photographic history of some of my paintings featuring "See With Your Heart".

The first one I ever painted.  It lives on the wall in my studio.  2012
This is the second version I painted.  2012 
I used it in one of the sigs I made for my display.  2012
A version with a third eye....maybe See With Your Inner Heart. 2013



One day a lady asked me to draw something on her purse. 2014

See with your fluer-de-lis. 2014


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