Monday, August 25, 2014

End of Summer Goals

Signs of shifts towards autumn are staring to creep through the heat haze of southern Louisiana.  I haven't been out selling much.  Any day over 95 degrees is too hot for me.  I've been working for a chair massage company to get me through the summer which has been a blessing.  It's just enough bodywork to remind me why I love doing it.  But as we settle more into autumn I'm excited to fill my life up with my art again. 

Plans for the near future:

- 30 day daily painting series "Dance your <3 out" with one dancing skeleton each day

- finishing the painted panels for my ebook "ABCs of the <3"

- bringing my Daily Blossoms out to sell (it's been too hot!!  The sun melts their plastic display bags)

- new rivers :)  I've been working hard to make space for them again in my practice.  I'm ready to do the Seine, the Hudson River and the Chicago River. 

- AND I'm really interested in doing a series of deep sea fish...possibly on black velvet. 

- exploring new ways to work glitter paint, beads and gemstones into my work #moresparkle