Wednesday, June 5, 2013

"Art becomes about everybody just through the act of being shared." - AFP

Ive watched this video twice now.

Her talk helps me to both take the pressure off of the fear of expressing myself and bolsters up my urge to put myself "out there".

Having an affirmation of the power of creating a metaphor and sharing it with my community is really synchronous as I have been taking a workshop on Art, Marketing and Love with Francesca De Grandis.

What I am getting out of this class series is a deep strengthening of my will to share my work and to be of service to my community as both an artist and a healer.  Its a slow process with lots of rocky steps along the way but the path is lined with lilac and lavender and my skin is warmed by the sun and my step strengthened by each passing gust of wind.

I love my creative work and I love being a healer and I am so grateful to be able to really play those roles in my life.  Its scary and there is no structure to guide me but moving forward is easy because my heart lights the way as long as I keep my inner light shining.

Shine on sparkle friends.  Let me know what lights the lantern in your heart...