Saturday, February 2, 2013

Not prints.

I have decided to start making copies of my rivers.

I am going to hand paint copies of some of the paintings from my river altars  onto canvas paper, matte them and offer them for sale.  

It is very exciting to me to get back to working within my rivers series.  I have been saying that I am not going to create any new river altars until 2014 but that does not mean that I am putting the body of work I have a choice.  Once you fall in love with rivers it is sometimes hard to want to swim out.  

Aside from recreating my river designs I also plan to create a sonic drone for each piece.  These will serve to create psychoacoustic atmospheres which will facilitate access to a state of meditation in the viewer and engage the deeper healing aspect of my work.

I am also in beginning work on the illustrations for a tarot deck that I have been a collaborator on for many years.  

AND I have my Beautiful Bodies which I also have plans to reproduce and continue to invent.

ON WARD TO 2013!!!!!

What is rumbling in the future of your 2013 adventure?