Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Unapology #4 - 2013 recap and onward to 2014

I have spent the last year and a half since leaving the MFA program in New Orleans working as a visual artist on Pirates Alley at the center of the French Quarter.  Here I am able to hang my paintings on the fence and sell to anyone walking by.  My work has been bought by people from all over the world and found its way into many happy homes.  

While my focus during my MFA program was a series of paintings of rivers I decided to put that body of work on hold until 2014 as I began creating a series of paintings of  skeletons showing off their hearts that I call my Beautiful Bodies.  As part of my transition to New Orleans I began a practice as a massage therapist and this focus on the body started to be reflected in my arts practice.  I like this series because it gives me space to contemplate the parts that we all have in common underneath our skin, our bones and our hearts.  I also feel it offers the viewer a reminder to focus on their heart and open to a deeper understanding of empathy.  For myself this practice has an undertone of connecting with my ancestors and bring their energy into my daily life.  

Its a delight to watch people walk by my display and start smiling as they connect with my work.  People tell me they enjoy the simplicity and clarity of both my designs and message.  Working outside in the middle of a heavy tourist zone can be draining and crazy but moments where my work brings both delight to people and money to my pockets make it so worth it.  

Coming up for me next year are a few exciting things.  The album I recorded during my time as an MFA, How To Heal A Broken Heart, is being released on tape through my friends tape and vinyl label Campers Rules Records (  Im also going to start working of my river paintings, officially called Portraits of Rivers, where I will continue filling in maps of rivers with my own colorful creations in an attempt to raise awareness about the health and life of the river systems of our planet.  

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Upapology #3 -Filling in the blanks

I've gotten myself involved in a few artistic practices and wanted to write out my thoughts on each of them here in case anyone is curious.  

There are three projects and each has a specific hashtag I use when I post images on the internet.  

#beautifulbodies - Beautiful Bodies are “Memento Mori” (reminders of death) which teach that underneath it all we share similar infrastructure.  Each skeleton is like a little life coach offering the viewer a bit of empathic wisdom.  In my color palate black references fertility, white symbolizes eternity and red radiates life force energy.  My intention with this body of work is to honor ancestors, radiate empathy, explore a mind/body connection and to remind the viewer to embody their heart.

#portraitsofrivers - Portraits of Rivers is an offering of gratitude to the rivers of the world where I celebrate our ecological systems as an interconnected whole. This body of work expresses a fascination with journeying through a landscape as an act of self-inquiry, like going on a vision quest or pilgrimage to a sacred site.  The rivers are depicted like they are tuning forks echoing across the surface of the Earth. Responding to landscape as an artistic practice has helped me to build a deeper understanding of how I perceive the world.  

#dailymindmap - Daily mind maps are a (mostly) daily sketching practice where I take one pice of paper and an handful of sharpie makers and I put down whatever needs excavating from mind.  It's a map in that its my way of working out where I am coming from and where I am going.  I use text and image to point a way through feelings of complexity and the static of living with the intention of building up a heart based expression of my experience.   I hope that this practice inspires others to pick up their own pens and put down what is ready to be put down to lighten their loads and clarify their vision.  

Saturday, December 7, 2013

How to Heal A Broken Heart....ON CASSETTE TAPE!

Hellooooo darling internet angels,

My album, How To Heal A Broken Heart, which I recorded in 2010 is getting put out on my friends label Campers Rules Records in Brooklyn, NY which just started and is releasing music on tape and vinyl.  


"How To Heal A Broken Heart" is a manifesto of love.
Included in this psychoacoustic mix are songs, chants and drones layered with healing metaphors and vibrations.
This album was inspired by Jenelle's year long journey through the Sound, Voice and Music Healing Certification at the California Institute of Integral Studies. Teachers from healing traditions all over the world taught how sound can be used to ground energy and cleanse our spirit. During that time she learned how to experience the kind of wild nurturing love that the human voice can radiate.
After the certification program she went through a period of retreat as she integrated the deep realignment her spiritual spine had gone through. Emerging into herself again she found she had a collection of songs written that echoed the archetypal shape of a shamanic journey through the dark night of the soul and back again into the light.
Jenelle was fortunate to be able to gather around loving friends in Brooklyn during the recording of these songs. Each friend added their own light to the project and the final product is a sonic circle of love.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
All cassette tape purchases include a FREE immediate digital download of the entire album in your choice of 320k mp3, FLAC, and more.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
"I offer these songs back into the world as a way to share the wisdom and healing that was gifted to me. This album is dedicated to the freedom of all voices."
-Jenelle Leigh Campion, 2013

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Exercising creativity

1.  Grounding - The structure of my creative routines assist me in engaging with my feelings.  It takes time to climb up and down the ladder of my psyche.  Having a routine helps me to find my way to the core of my work and back again.

2.  Voice - Creating is a way to express things I find to be beyond language.  One byproduct of artwork is its ability to communicate a presence of the fabric of interconnection that binds us all together.

3.  Mirror - A divinatory statement of my energy at any given moment is woven into my creative output.  Like a tarot card I pull from my heart, the surprises of creation gives me an opportunity to engage with my inner oracle.  Making art is one of the tools I use to reflect on where my feelings are at when I need a light in the mist.

4.  Transmission - Creativity is a way to tell my story with those who have the ears to hear it.  I also think of the pieces I make as talismans which anchor beautiful energy so that I can share it with my friends. 

5.  Experiment - Creation is a science.  Some mistakes lead to breakthroughs and some lead to more experiments.  Both are sustained through community, perseverance and funding.

6.  Offering - A healing state of mind is affirmed through the creative process. - In my gratitude for this I include an element of that energy in my work as a gift for others.

7.  Meditation - The creative trance has restorative properties for the heart.  Passing time reveling in the momentary rush of artistic impulse teaches us to trust our wilder ways.

8.  Awareness - Art making creates embodied statements of our earthly and cosmic relationships.  When we pass our influences through the filter of our processing we learn to see more clearly what thoughts we are thinking with.

9.  Perspective - Creating containers can help us view our complexity.  It can be delightfully surprising to experience the depth that can be extracted from surface ripples.

10.  Celebration - The opportunity to form communities arise within the shared experience of witnessing a creative act.  We come together and leave changed by what can only be known by others who have wander the same labyrinths.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Unapology #2 - Yarrrr

Its a beautiful to be sitting in Pirates Alley behind St. Louis cathedral reading feminist essays on religion on national "talk like a pirate" day. 

Friday, July 5, 2013

Unapology #1 - Beginnings

I'm unapologetic for making declarative statements about how I intend to make use of this blog and then not following through with them. 

It's partly because I am a hesitant writer but its also because I am not a marketing machine. I'm very human. And it's my blog. So I am free to break my own rules as I make them.

I have learned that, for me, with blogging less is better. A lot of marketing advisors talk about consistently generating content and I think that is true if the blog is the center of your engagement with the marketplace but I think of my web presence as an extension of my more grounded reality of selling art on the streets of the French Quarter. My web presence is here to support that not supplant it. 

I'm really lucky to live in a city where I can post up against a fence, throw paint all day and make a decent portion of my living. I want this blog to catch my celebration of that. 

I am after Sartori, a sense of shamanic calm, in my daily practices.  Setting up my display has become a morning meditation.  Pulling bungee chord tight against the fence stretches my imagination to the possibilities of the day. Unrolling my bundle of raw canvas paintings and clipping them to the chords gives structure to the space available.  Then pulling each canvas out of the bag they are carried in, unwrapping the cloth protecting them from travel and feeling out where to place them helps me to set the energy for the day and affirm my desire to connect through my art work. 

When all my #BeautifulBodies as smiling back at me I'm ready to relax into the morning. I get some coffee and settle into read or write or begin work my art project for the day. At some point I make a point to photograph my set up and share it via Instagram along with photographs of anything new I had created. 

Then when I'm home and have done my closing ritual of removing my he/ art from the fence and folding it up for travel I can fill my heart with the likes and comments my Internet fairy angels have sprinkled onto my postings. I enjoy having a documentary of the evolution of this meditative market practice and being able to share it with those who enjoy my work. 

You all rock my world. 

Here is Z Franks meditation on beginnings to support you getting started with what needs to be done today:

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

"Art becomes about everybody just through the act of being shared." - AFP

Ive watched this video twice now.

Her talk helps me to both take the pressure off of the fear of expressing myself and bolsters up my urge to put myself "out there".

Having an affirmation of the power of creating a metaphor and sharing it with my community is really synchronous as I have been taking a workshop on Art, Marketing and Love with Francesca De Grandis.

What I am getting out of this class series is a deep strengthening of my will to share my work and to be of service to my community as both an artist and a healer.  Its a slow process with lots of rocky steps along the way but the path is lined with lilac and lavender and my skin is warmed by the sun and my step strengthened by each passing gust of wind.

I love my creative work and I love being a healer and I am so grateful to be able to really play those roles in my life.  Its scary and there is no structure to guide me but moving forward is easy because my heart lights the way as long as I keep my inner light shining.

Shine on sparkle friends.  Let me know what lights the lantern in your heart...

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Thoughts on being an alley pirate thus far...

After 3 years living in Oakland, CA and studying at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco I have found my way back to New Orleans where I have been working as an artist.  I wanted to recap some of my thoughts about what its been like slinging paint and selling paintings in the French Quarter at Pirates Alley on the fence behind St. Louis Cathedral.

Instagram: @jenelleleighc
Its a great opportunity to get to work as a Pirates Alley artist.  Its not my only hustle, I also babysit and am building up a practice as a bodyworker, but I am earning a significant portion of my income selling my art directly to people.  Its great experiencing what it feels like to be part of a market culture and to get a taste of how people respond to my art as I am creating it.

I consider Pirates Alley my outdoor studio space as some of my work I can do while I sit there.  I also have been taking a day or two each week in my studio at home getting other pieces together.  It feels great to have finished a significant amount of work in the last few months and to have gotten to put all of it out there into the world.

Working like this feels a lot like the Creative Inquiry MFA program I recently graduated from.  I notice that the drive for clear articulation and to build a solid body of work that are feeding me so deeply right now are lit by the same fires that got sparked during my degree program.  Being in school helped me open up and surrender to my creative process in a way that was gratifying, beautiful, grounding and completely transformational in terms of what I think about my potential.

Instagram: @jenelleleighc
Working in the French Quarter propped up against a fence behind a cathedral with its steeple bell ringing in the hours among tour guides herding the masses and each telling their own version of the truth, tarot readers and poets for hire lining the curbside, every flavor of traditional musician blaring down the street making music as hot as the summertime sun, live statues and magicians, families, children and lost souls, it is a world unto itself.  I get to sit there and take all of it in and offer it back my heart in the form of paintings of rivers and bones.

I really enjoy the community of artists I get to work around.  Everyone has their own unique style and we all feed off each others creativity and learn from each others lessons.  I am inspired all the time by the work that is going on around me.

Instagram: @jenelleleighc
Being in a tourist epicenter can be draining no matter where that is but being in the French Quarter of New Orleans is at least always charming.  I was talking to a man on my block the other night about how strict the neighborhood associations are about maintaining the "authentic" look of the city.  Thats why the tourists flock here and the money they spend is literally what keeps New Orleans in existence.

Its exhausting and overwhelming sometimes to keep up with the demands on my body and my time that living off of my art requires but its making me faster and braver and more open to letting my art into the world and the world into my art...and its also super fun!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Setting up in the FQ (Rain clouds build but I only see the sunshine)

I went down to the french quarter at 7am to set up my spot for the day.  Well not set up, but I put up a few signs to mark what spot I am going to use and then came back home to take care of my morning.

The FQ in the morning is my favorite time.  The shadows between the buildings are still deep so the shade keeps everything cool.  The streets are damp from being pressure washed so everything feels fresh and new.  The stores are all opening their doors and greeting the day.  Locals wander by looking either cheerful and awake or bedraggled and wishing they were in bed.  Everyone has a cup of coffee except the runners who are bounding their way across town.

Its a lovely time to see the place.  Once the sun gets high all the water burns off the street and the dust starts kicking up.  The shade vanishes and the blazing sun-rays become oppressive and aggressive.  (At least to me who is a major indoor kid).

And then the streams of tourists start to flow and the whole place is a whirl of chaos, merriment and hand grandees (a bright green drink that everyone seems to be carrying around)  Its a bustle and a hustle…and a great place to work.  :)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Your voice is given for you to share.

Good morning.

I awake today with a calm sense of pride.  I love the idea of connecting with others through my voice on as many levels as possible.

I guess that is what its all about.  Connecting.  I could see myself as alone in my room but I feel full of the vision of all those who pass through my awareness.

How do I want people to experience me?  As a blissful pool of moonlight set on a mountaintop lagoon.  A place that is enriching at the end of a long journey.

The journey is as much the reward as getting to the location itself.  Wandering is how and when we open ourselves up to the mystery.  Its important to enjoy the sensation of opening.  To revel in it.

That is what I love about painting.  It is a journey into mystery as I never know what something is going to look like until I see it done.  The final piece feels done when it resonates with a peaceful balance.  Until that point each step is a process of pulling my vision out of the ether and adding it to the chaos of the white blank canvas.

The work of creation is for me one of balancing chaos and transforming it into beauty.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Art I Like - Influences and Inspirations - Tara Donovan - A Cloud of Cups

Donovan, Tara.  Untitled.  2003.  Styrofoam Cups, Hot Glue.  Ace Gallery, Los Angeles.  

Tara Donavan's work inspires me because she has an interesting sense of articulation through pattern.  She takes one constructed material item (i.e., straws, plastic cups, scotch tape) and uses a proliferation of the item to create a pattern and then bends the pattern to create a new landscape that takes the material into a new dimension.  

I read an article onTara Donovan where the reviewer refers to her pieces as “sacred machinery” because her forms evoke the idea of the infinite.  I appreciate how in her work the material becomes secondary to the pattern that it creates.   

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow (a longish catch-up post)

As amazing a journey my MFA program was at CIIS, it has been as amazing a journey untangling myself from the deep process experience I went through.

What I mean can be most clearly seen through the product of this journey;
my body of work Rivers. They went from rivers, to altars and are now coming back to rivers again.

When I went to CIIS it was through the Women's Spirituality Dept for a MA in philosophy. Alongside this program I signed up for the Certification in Sound Healing that was also offered through the school. I found that they were very complimentary programs to take at once. WS was walking me through the roots of embodied spirituality and SH was giving me a basketful of practical tools and perspectives to express this wisdom with. Both programs were centered around opening your voice, connecting to your heart and grounding your energy.

When the MFA program showed up at my school (it jumped over from another school that had to shut its doors) I reached out for the opportunity to claim my artist side as I was realizing that is where my passion would be best contained. I had been balancing between mystic and healer and found my voice to be coming out in colors.

I had been an abstract painter for a long while and used the chance of this MFA to push my work into devotional paintings of rivers using their maps as a framework for my creativity. It was an idea that was dancing in the back of my mind for a while and after a few stops and starts it became clear that this river metaphor was going to be the center of my work.

I wanted to keep the themes of embodiment and sound healing prominent in whatever my work was because it seemed so clear at the time that the spiritual philosophy behind these two ideas was something that was very important for me to express. So I took my paintings of river and turned them into altars using text on the sides of the canvas, a shelf of found objects and a sound drone to create a sense of sacred space.

And it worked. Or it was at least in the beginning stages of working. I love the altar and drone idea and had a beautiful time contemplating and allowing them both to come into creation. It was what I needed at the time to really feel myself growing as a artist and a person. It helped me to build a bridge between my multiple personalities of artist/healer/mystic/woman/musician/person where I felt like I could share all those pieces at once.

But now I have decided to take the altars off of the rivers and let their waters flow a little more free. Moving into post-grad school life has been a time of practical building and extreme patience. I moved to New Orleans with the intention of working towards getting my massage certification moved here. This required me to take an anatomy class to get 5 more hours in training to meet state standards, take an exam, pass a few background checks and send lots of money to the state.

It took longer then I expected but is finally over and I may start renting space at a yoga studio soon...more info to come!!!

Art wise I decided to lay low and see what happened naturally.

I finished two more river paintings during my transitioning phase into New Orleans and then decided that I will not do any new Rivers until 2014 as I needed space to figure out what to do with them. (I haven't share pix of the two new paintings....but I will soon).

I was able to get a few of my rivers in a group show at the Big Top Gallery which was a wonderful event to be part of. They also let me into their pop-up gallery in the Voodoo Music Fest which happens here around Halloween. There I sold some of these little skeleton with hearts paintings that I had started to do during my anatomy class to keep my hands busy.

This experience gave me the confidence to make them the center of my work once I was able to start selling my art in the French Quarter on Pirates Alley right after Mardi Gras ended. They have been a good hit with the touristing public. My friends and family have also been giving them alot of love as well. :)

Ive kept trying to write about the River altars but its been a struggle for me to explain what is going on it them. Then I realized that going forward I want them simply be rivers as they already represent a layered spiritual discussion without me having to build altars around them. That energy can be better applied to my writing, healing practice and the eventual workshops that I will run.

So that is where I am at right now.

Im also working out how to blog. For a minute I was going to write every weekday but I know that that is above my commitment level. But I do believe I can pull off 3 days a week of sharing my insides with the outside.

The themes I will be focusing on are:

Art I Like - Influences and Inspirations -
River Research - Maps, Charts, Imagery and Reflections -
My Practice - Self Reflections and Other Musings -
Holistic Health - Tips, Tricks and Practices -
Sound Healing - Chants, Tones and Vocal Meditations -

Looking forward to writing more.

Id love to hear if any of you have had any major shifts in your life/work lately.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

River Research - Maps, Charts, Imagery and Reflections - Rivers and Mountains

Thursdays I will be posting some kind of information about rivers.

To start I will simply share this victorian info-graphic that I find inspirational what compares the length of the rivers and height of the mountains of the world.  So beautiful.

Image borrowed from BibliOdyssey

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sound Healing - Chants, Tones and Vocal Meditations - Open into Ah

Wednesday is my Sound Healing offering day.

I made a recording of myself chanting "Ah" for 20 minutes.

This tone clears out our inner cobwebs, opens the voice and connects the heart to the cosmos.
Its like a sonic cup of coffee and is a great way to start your day.

Click here to listen to the audio

Feel free to let your voice sink into my tone or allow yourself to enjoy a harmony or do some improvisation.  When the recording is over sit quietly for a minute and feel the beautiful energy you have build around and inside your body.

Sound Healing is not about making the right sound...its about making your sound.

Let me know about your experience in sounding in the comment box below.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Holistic Health - Tips, Tricks and Practices - Epsom Salt Baths

Image borrowed from

Today I am going to write about taking a detoxifying bath.

As a healer, artists and general sensitive being I find that it is extra important to maintain practices that clear my energy field and offer nurturing experiences to my body.

Hot baths are one of the self care techniques I use regularly as it helps me to stay centered on so many levels.
The baths help to
-  ground my energy
-  soften my skin
-  are deeply relaxing
-  relieves pain and muscle cramps
-  can also help to prevent migraines 

The main ingredient I use in my baths is Epsom Salts.
This inexpensive product can be found in the beauty aisle of almost any grocery store.

The scientific name for Epsom Salts is Magnesium Sulfate which means that they are a great source of Magnesium for your body.  Soaking in a hot tub full of Epsom Salts lets it get easily absorbed through your skin.

Magnesium helps to
-  increase calcium, for strong bones
-  increase serotonin, a mood-elevating chemical
-  decrease the effects of adrenaline to balance stress levels
-  relieves pain and muscle cramps
-  improves nervous system function
-  improves the bodies ability to use insulin
-  eliminates toxins from the body

Add about 2 cups to a bath of hot water along with your favorite relaxing aromatherapy oils and soak for at least 10 minutes up to 40 minutes.  You can also add 1 cup of Baking Soda to the mix to give your skin a real luxurious treat.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Artistic Review - Influences and Inspirations. - Indigenous Australian Art

Tjutjuna, Harry.  Wangka Tjukurpa (Spiderman).  2007. 
Synthetic polymer paint on canvas. 
National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, AU. 

The artwork of the traditional people of Australia look like what resonance feels like to me.  I was able to spend a semester in Australia while I was an undergrad and I saw a lot of this work in person.  The colors and lines of their art work had a visceral effect within my body as I felt like I was resonating with the designs on the canvas.   This work informs my articulation in that I am very drawn to the way that so much story comes across through the space of  colors, lines and dots.   

Thursday, April 4, 2013


This link will take you to an article by Orion Magazine (an environmental rag) about the artist Basia Iriland.  She takes blocks of ice, carves them into books, adds local seeds and lets them melt into rivers.

This dialogue raises awareness about the need to develop relationship with our local water systems and plant life to create a sustainable ecosystem where we all can thrive.

I find her work to be ethereal, sublime and necessary.

A video:

Books of Ice, by Basia Irland from Orion Magazine on Vimeo.

A quote:

"Let us, all of us, do the work of seeds—learning again how to bend toward the light, how to put down roots, how to live as a member of a community of living things. Let us do the work of books, imagining into existence new, better ways to live, seeking always what is lasting and beautiful. Let us do the work of rivers, gathering the Earth’s wisdom and carrying it like sunlight into the future. Let the power of our conviction and the new corrosiveness of our sorrow carve hard truths in the rocks."

(Thanks to Kris Brandenbruger for the link)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Repainting and Printing

I've been using my studio time for the last few days to reprint my Mississippi River painting.  I realized that I needed a way to calculate how much to charge for them for when I offer them up for sale.

When I started doing them during my MFA program I was able to create without time limits and any consideration for selling my work.  My goal was to create bigger and deeper than I had before.  I did and my rivers flowed beautifully from my brush onto the canvas and turned into altars when I added a shelf with found objects.  The altars were part of a discussion I was striving to have at the time about the sacred and embodied quality of making art that I am drawn to.

But now I want my rivers to stand on their own so the altars are being removed.  I realized that the energy that the altars held can be expressed in the form of meditation events.

The challenge of bringing my work into a professional space has asked me to put a market value on my work.  Which I realized I had no idea how to do this.  It's been easier to gauge a price for my Beautiful Bodies because their creation has been pretty straightforward.  But the rivers poured out of a long and winding journey which I don't know how to quantify.

So I decided to recreate one.  It's been really great to journey back into this creative space.  It opened up all kinds of memories and feelings from my 3 year California experience.

The Mississippi River was the first one I created so it seemed like the right one to repaint.  It took about 20 hours total to recreate which feels about right.  This puts the price for the paintings at about $700 in my mind.  I also on the verge of making prints of a few of my river paintings so that I can have those available for people who would be interested in a cheaper option.

It feels real good to be letting my rivers flow out into the world.

Mississippi River, 2010
(photos by Glen Graves)

Friday, March 29, 2013

The River Styx and origin story of my #BeautifulBodies

River Styx: underground river of grecoroman myth where Charon ferries departed souls to the other side. It used to be a custom to bury the dead with two coins to pay for their passage.

During my winter break of the first year of my MFA program I went to NYC to visit friends and record some songs i had written. When i returned to Oakland I was inspired to hammer a large piece of raw canvas to the wall and throw paint at it. The River Styx painting was the result.

I started with two loose line drawings of the two towers as they were up in my heart after being in NYC. I had learned that they were creating a public park on top of the land where they buried the rubble which is what the brown mass on the canvas represented for me.

Then it started looking like a cave and that cave needed a river. And that river needed a ferryman. As the River Styx emerged I realized how deep rivers were flowing through me and I knew it was time to commit to the river paintings I had begin which would ultimately become a series of river altars.

The cave metaphor reflected my sense of being on a shamanic journey into art school as it is a common symbol for an inward journey of rebirth and renewal of the soul.

After moving to New Orleans I put my energy into getting my massage license transferred to Louisiana which meant I had to take an anatomy class to fulfill a state requirement.

I found focusing on the nuts and bolts of bodywork to be very grounding and these #BeautifulBodies started falling out on my art practice.

After the Mardi Gras season I got hooked up with an art selling permit and decided to make my new skeleton friends my offering as they were fun to make, easy to transport and able to sell for an affordable price.

Everyone can relate to a skeleton and its heart. We all have them.

I believe love is at the core of everything and it is my pleasure to be selling tokens of empathy and heart awareness. I feel like those are the energies we need most as a collective to solidify our sense of a global community.

These painting are so cute to me and bring a lot of joy to those who are drawn to them.

It's so fun to sit out on the streets of the French Quarter and watch people smile at my little friends.

It's also really grounding and magical to spend my days making these icons as an act of gratitude for the strength and love I receive from my connection to my ancestors.

I like to tell people I am building my own catacomb as I set up each day on a fence in the back of St. Louis cathedral in the middle of the most catholic city in America.

I'm in the process of making an site so I can have a defined place to sell my work online.

Thank you for reading this far.
May you have a beautiful day.
May we all love our #BeautifulBodies

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Ive been taking a poetry class. Hooray poems!!

Firstly I have Petrarchan and Shakespearean Sonnets.
Then I took the two poems and mashed them together to make a third creation.


Petrarchan (Italian) Sonnet

A velvet lined mirror reflects a face
worn, weary and leaning toward gaunt
Yet rosy and soft as a cherub could want
A charming pinnacle of the human race
At times she may have tears in her eyes
Tender droplets cascade down the palate
Porcelain cheeks rouged out of habit
Amplifying the beauty of the heart inside

The weight of the world so heavy for most
Can sink the heart of one uninitiated
Into the Love that keeps the heart afloat
walking nimbly through life uninhibited

Compassion is a quality she can boast
A flavor of love both wild and deliberated
That wrings sweet music from the morose
And keeps her days both luscious and invigorated

Shakespearean (English) Sonnet

Infinity shaken to the core
Resistant to ephemeral societal collapse
Comes the soldier home from war
To align the future with the past

Decay and death, loss and remorse
Shade the color of the eye
What was once steady and on course
Becomes sand scattered beneath the sky

Consequences of actions never are clear
Call on the courage to look back and pray
Request forgiveness for injustice far and near
rebirth your heart into the fray

It is in compassion that wisdom is met
Practice peace to balance violence's debt


A velvet lined mirror reflects a face
Infinity shaken to the core
worn, weary and leaning toward gaunt
Resistant to ephemeral societal collapse
Then rosy and soft as a cherub could want
Comes the soldier home from war
A charming pinnacle of the human race
to align the future with the past

at times she may have tears in her eyes
Decay and death, loss and remorse
Tender droplets cascade down her palate
Shade the color of the eye
Porcelain cheeks rouged out of habit
What was once steady and on course
amplifying the beauty on the heart inside
Becomes sand scattered beneath the sky

The weight of the world so heavy for most
Consequences of action never are clear
Can sink the heart of one uninitiated
Call on the courage to look back and pray
Into the Love that keeps the heart afloat
Request forgiveness for injustice far and near
walking nimbly through life uninhibited
rebirth your heart into the fray

Compassion is a quality she can boast
A flavor of love both wild and deliberated
That wrings sweet music from the morose
And keeps her days both luscious and invigorated
It is in compassion that wisdom is met
Practice peace to balance violence's debt

Thanks to the delightful Eric Kenron for sending me frameworks to follow.

Friday, February 22, 2013

I sell magic to angels.

Hello lovelies,

I said in my last post that I was going to start making copies of my rivers but that has taken a bit of a turn.  I was able to get a permit to sell art on the street in the French Quarter...specifically on Pirates Alley and Royal St.  I will start making rivers again soon but to start I decided to start with my Beautiful Bodies series.  Im really into skeletons right now and its easy for me to make a lot of them quickly.  

Selling art on Pirates Alley/Royal St is awesome.

First day I got a spot in the alley and while I was setting up I sold 2 to some passing ladies who said they were fabulous and that I was gonna do great!  They even asked to see my website.  :) 

Its been a journey figuring out how to display my little canvases on a fence since they are to small to hang on hooks.  But i found out from looking at other people's displays ways that I can get my stuff up on a piece of string.  

Right now im taking a few days inside to build up my stock of paintings and to make a few signs to put around my work.  Im also gonna do some sketches of skeletons and quotations on paper and then matte them so they look all professional.  I also got some old fan blades from a thrift store which I have spray painted black and will also cover with skeletons.

The group of artists who are also working out on the street are really sweet and I am enjoying getting to know them all.  Working out there reminds me of a class I took in school where artists from different disciplines got together in a room and explored their personal symbology through visual art.  It was really gratifying to be in a space where so much creative energy was flowing.  Sitting in the center of the French Quarter on a sidewalk full of creators creating and enjoying each others work is like the advanced version of that class.  

Ive been asking people who buy my stuff to send me pix of it on display.  I hope they do cause im so curious about where my work ends up.  

Ill attach pix of what people bought. 

Here are some shots of my work setting on Pirates Alley and Royal St in New Orleans, LA.

And a few Mardi Gras '13 pictures.  

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Not prints.

I have decided to start making copies of my rivers.

I am going to hand paint copies of some of the paintings from my river altars  onto canvas paper, matte them and offer them for sale.  

It is very exciting to me to get back to working within my rivers series.  I have been saying that I am not going to create any new river altars until 2014 but that does not mean that I am putting the body of work I have a choice.  Once you fall in love with rivers it is sometimes hard to want to swim out.  

Aside from recreating my river designs I also plan to create a sonic drone for each piece.  These will serve to create psychoacoustic atmospheres which will facilitate access to a state of meditation in the viewer and engage the deeper healing aspect of my work.

I am also in beginning work on the illustrations for a tarot deck that I have been a collaborator on for many years.  

AND I have my Beautiful Bodies which I also have plans to reproduce and continue to invent.

ON WARD TO 2013!!!!!

What is rumbling in the future of your 2013 adventure?