Friday, December 14, 2012

Creation Station

I create at the intersection of art and healing.  

As a bodyworker and a interdisciplinary artist I intend to keep one foot in each world so that I can function as a bridge between them.  

I wish more artists saw themselves as healers and more healers saw themselves as artists.  

I believe that the need for each type of work pours out of the same well spring of inspiration when we are working to create the conditions for communing with something beautiful.  

I see the real experience of "art"as one that happens inside of us which is a realm that the healer knows intimately as well.  

A healing session can create the conditions for us to more deeply inhabit our bodies and art can remind us of the reasons we want to stay present in the world.  

It is through our bodies that we connect personally with our own inner muse which is the same force we tap into through our art making practices.

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