Friday, December 14, 2012

Creation Station

I create at the intersection of art and healing.  

As a bodyworker and a interdisciplinary artist I intend to keep one foot in each world so that I can function as a bridge between them.  

I wish more artists saw themselves as healers and more healers saw themselves as artists.  

I believe that the need for each type of work pours out of the same well spring of inspiration when we are working to create the conditions for communing with something beautiful.  

I see the real experience of "art"as one that happens inside of us which is a realm that the healer knows intimately as well.  

A healing session can create the conditions for us to more deeply inhabit our bodies and art can remind us of the reasons we want to stay present in the world.  

It is through our bodies that we connect personally with our own inner muse which is the same force we tap into through our art making practices.

Onward to 2013!

The last 6 months have been a whirl wind for me.

Between graduating with an MFA degree and moving back to New Orleans my life has been a vortex of transition, change and the sprouting of seeds that are beginning to grow roots.

I am weeks away from becoming certified as a massage therapist in Louisiana which I am quite excited about as doing bodywork is one of thebrightest joys in my life.  While I have kept up a minimal practice throughout the years this part of my life has been on the back-burner as my focus has been set more on developing my artistic side.

One thing that came clear to me during my time in school was how deeply linked my artistic work is to my work as a healer.  I believe that for my artistic vision to reach the next level of unfolding I need to let my inner healer do her work in the world.  Getting to spend time assisting others to unwind what they hold in their bodies is a wonderful thrill.

During this time of transition I have finished two more river paintings.  One is of the rivers that flow out of Tibet (Yangtze River, Yellow River, Mekong River and Salween River) and the other is of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers in the Middle East.

I have many exciting goals on my 2013 artistic agenda:

-  Make a Sound Drone to compliment each of the river paintings.  My intention with this series is to create a contemplative atmosphere and these sound pieces are an integral piece to bringing this vision to life.

-  Expand my Beautiful Bodies series and explore ways to make other items from them.  I would like to begin selling these smaller art pieces at art markets around New Orleans and on

-  Begin work on the Valkyrie Tarot Deck that I am collaborating on.  This project has had to stay on hold until I finished school and I am so excited to begin this project.  Its gonna let me exercise my most esoteric brain and strengthen up my drawing skills.

- Commit to posting on this blog weekly and develop my presence on the social media landscape.