Thursday, September 27, 2012

Step By Step, Day By Day

Now that I have graduated from my MFA program I have been taking time to think about what is next for me as an artist.  

For a while I thought about investing my energy into starting up selling prints and chasing money around with my art.  But that passed and I am settling into a new rhythm of creating for the purposes of exploring my creations.  

Its not that I don't want to make money from my art.  Sure that would be lovely.  But when I think about putting all my force behind the visual aspect of my work it begins to feel hollow for me.  Cause I am not just a visual artist.  What I realized during the course of my studies is that I am an interdisciplinary installation artist.  My paintings are the basic framework of my vision but there is more dimensions I need to explore.  

Ideally I want to create a contemplative sound piece (or drone) to go along with each painting.  I would want them all to be displayed in a space where the viewer can have time to sit inside some kind of sonic chamber (or put on headphones) and experience how their body reacts to the blend of color, object, story and space that I have weaved around them.  

It is gonna take time for me to work out how to pull that off.  My plan is to continue to read and explore and examine and work for the next few months.  It feels great to really know that Ill be working as an artist for the rest of my life, so I have lots of time to work out how to manifest my vision clearly.  

Alongside that I am getting back into the realm of healing arts again.  I have to take a class and pass an exam before I can work in Louisiana.  Once I do I am excited to get to work as a healer again.  I love bodies so much and as my art work is calling me to engage all of our subtle senses it will help my process very much to be channeling mass amounts of healing energy.  

I am taking a class through Blue Cliff College and I am thrilled to be part of their school.  It seems like a really supportive atmosphere to learn in and even though I only need one anatomy class I am excited to be part of their community.  And taking an anatomy class will be a fun and necessary refresher in the technicalities of how our system is structured.  

AND it will feed my art work as I have started painting skeletons as a side project.  The idea to work with skeletons has been floating around my mind since at least last January.  I feel it as a grounding of the connection to my ancestral energy that I have been growing more and more connected to.  I call them my Beautiful Bodies series.  Each skeleton shows me a different way to show off its heart.  Detail images below.  

Thats all for today.

May your body feel beautiful from the inside out.  

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Thoughts on this whole "Goddess" thing


Goddess spirituality assumes the position of building a relationship with a living cosmos…one that is alive and aware and interactive…and that thought, I think, is the one that TERRIFIES people.  Cause it means we ain't in control and I believe brings up a fear that a living chaos would be something that could consume us all.  But I see that as very minimizing to what having a relationship with the can be. 

That fear is what, I think, keeps us from creating a world where we feel our own feelings and consider them as part of the structural basis of living life.  We are taught to see ourselves as mental spirits who are shackled to a body which is a total drain with its needs and sufferings.  When we open to our feelings we discover a whole new way of relating to the world that is intimately tied in a web of relationships.  Instead of using the signposts of feelings as guides to coming into balance we shut them off and run away into our caves and look down at the world in fear.  

We grow up in a culture (assuming that western culture = christian culture) that says if you have feelings you will be punished and separated from your community...with the understanding that any ancestors that you had that had feelings were also erased.  That is SO debilitating.  If I have learned nothing else its that having a connection to your ancestry is the most psychologically grounding thing there is.  With it we are part of a cosmological network that reaches far beyond the limits of space and time.  With out it we are dust in the wind.  

As a deity the Goddess is immanent (present) as opposed to transcendent (far away) like the patriarchal God.  When you say the word Goddess your body can feel her presence.  If you're open to it you can perceive a warm and nurturing substance holding your whole being with love.  She holds all the complexity as perfect and opens us to see the world as it is.  From there we can work from a place of grounded wisdom.

Since we meet the Goddess in our body this is why, I believe, that sexuality is so tied to this conversation.  Sex opens up all our senses and feelings and super powers and its the same energy that we use to open up spirituality.  I find the term "yoni" to be a beautiful concept because it reinforces the sacredness that is inherent in the act of using our bodies to connect with each other and/or deity/goddess/earth.

We are at the beginning of a long conversation that our collective is having.  It involves digging through our past, grieving the wounds, finding common ground, building relationship and so much supportiveness.  This perspective is so new in the cosmic sense of things as the forces in "power" have tried to keep the Goddess suppressed for so long....but she is waking up again through our awareness of her.  That we can sit here and talk about it is amazing and so necessary.  

Monday, September 10, 2012

Circus, Circus, Circus shots

Here are some images of me and my work at the Circus, Circus, Circus show opening at the Big Top Gallery in New Orleans

Here you can see my paintings Alchemy (Nile River) and Flow (Mississippi River).

Also here is Permaculture (Amazon River)

Tara and I at the opening.

(all photos taken with Instagram by the lovely Kate Adair)

NOLA bound

Hello Internet,

If you didn't already know I have moved back to New Orleans to resettle and begin my life as artist in the world.  I had lived here from 2007-2009 before I went to CA to be in school.  I missed this city very much while I was away and am so grateful to be able to come back.

After a little while of going through the transitioning process I am really feeling grounded again.  I have kept up a great reading schedule and have been working on my art.

The Big Top gallery accepted three of my rivers (Mississippi, Nile and Amazon) for a group show of new artists in the city.  They will be on display all of September with lots of great events happening all the time in their space.

That's all for now...more to come!