Monday, September 21, 2009

Elder's Meditation of the Day - September 21

"everything is laid out for you. Your path is straight ahead of you. Sometimes it's invisible but it's there. You may not know where it's going, but still you have to follow that path. It's the path to the Creator. That's the only path there is."
--Leon Shenandoah, ONONDAGA

Everything on the earth has a purpose and a reason for its existence. Every human being is a warrior and every warrior has a song written in his/her heart and that song must be sung or the soul forever remains restless. This song is always about serving the Great Spirit and helping the people. This song is always sung for the people. Many times I need to learn much about the difficulties of life. I need to know this, so I must experience it. Then I can be of use to the people. Because I am experiencing difficulty does not mean I have left the path or that I have done something wrong. It means I'm doing the will of the Great Spirit during these times of testing. I need to pray constantly to keep a good attitude.

Great Spirit, this I know - You will never leave me, only my doubting makes it seem like You do. This I know - Your love is always dependable, only my doubting makes it seem like You do. Today remove the doubts from my belief system and allow me to stand straight and see You with straight eyes.

Friday, September 4, 2009

From the most recent COSM newsletter:

Dear Friends,

Love, the Universal Religion,
Is a Cosmic Wedge that cracks
Open the door between Self and the Infinite One.
A creative discipline can be a Cosmic Wedge
That allows the flow state
Of super abundant spirit to pour through.
The creative force that manifests the cosmos
Is the same force that animates us all.

To truly please oneself is the secret of art.
Great artists are rarely satisfied with their work,
But when they are,
They please the One Self.

Do what you love.
When you manifest that,
You please the One Self.
And there is only One Self,
The One Self we all share,
The Infinite One.

Celebrate the Full Moon!
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Allyson and Alex Grey