Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Literary Update

Books I'm Done With:
- Wilco: Learning How to Die - Greg Knot

Books I've Started:
- House of Leaves - Mark Z. Danielewski
- T.A.Z. (Temporary Autonomous Zone) - Hakim Bay
- The Woman of Wyrrd: The Arousal of the Inner Fire - Lynn V. Andrews
- Slanky - poems by Mike Doughty
- Pirate's Utopia: Moorish Corsairs & European Renegadoes - Peter Lamborn Wilson
- Fear and Trembling - Soren Keirkegarrd
- New Orleans Noir - Julie Smith
- Noise: The Political Economy of Music - Jacques Attali

- The Complete Stories - Flannery O'Connor
(These last three just jumped onto the list)

Books In Line:
- Loloita - Vladimir Nabokov
- Immediatism - Hakim Bay
- Still in love with you: The story of Hank & Audrey Williams - Lycrecia Willams and Dale Vinicur
- Nature's Metropolis - William Cronon
- Fur Trade and Exploration: opening the far northwest 1821-1852 - Theodore J Karamsanski
- Infinite Grace: Where the worlds of science and spritual healing meet - Diane Goldner

Books I Am Putting Off Till Later:
- Sure of you - Armistead Maupin
- The Dancing Healers: a doctors journey of healing with native americans - Carl A Hammerschlag
- Burro Bill and Me: Ramblings in the American Desert - Edna Calkins Price
- The Shaman and the Medicine Wheel - Evelyn Eaton
- Magical Alphabets - Nigel Pennick

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