Friday, November 6, 2009

Preservation Hall Hot 4: St. James Infirmary

The most interesting thing I have learnd in Sound Healing...

Here is a list of what type of chord responds to each element and if that specific chord increases or decreases the amount that type of energy.

An octave is ETHER - Outer Balance
A 7th raises WATER - Steam
A 6th raises FIRE - Vision Quest
A 5th raises AIR - Unity
A 4th lowers AIR - Completion
A 3rd lowers FIRE - Motivational
A 2nd lowers WATER - Bonding
A single tone of C256 or C128 is EARTH - Inner Balance

I learned this from John Beaulieu of

Monday, September 21, 2009

Elder's Meditation of the Day - September 21

"everything is laid out for you. Your path is straight ahead of you. Sometimes it's invisible but it's there. You may not know where it's going, but still you have to follow that path. It's the path to the Creator. That's the only path there is."
--Leon Shenandoah, ONONDAGA

Everything on the earth has a purpose and a reason for its existence. Every human being is a warrior and every warrior has a song written in his/her heart and that song must be sung or the soul forever remains restless. This song is always about serving the Great Spirit and helping the people. This song is always sung for the people. Many times I need to learn much about the difficulties of life. I need to know this, so I must experience it. Then I can be of use to the people. Because I am experiencing difficulty does not mean I have left the path or that I have done something wrong. It means I'm doing the will of the Great Spirit during these times of testing. I need to pray constantly to keep a good attitude.

Great Spirit, this I know - You will never leave me, only my doubting makes it seem like You do. This I know - Your love is always dependable, only my doubting makes it seem like You do. Today remove the doubts from my belief system and allow me to stand straight and see You with straight eyes.

Friday, September 4, 2009

From the most recent COSM newsletter:

Dear Friends,

Love, the Universal Religion,
Is a Cosmic Wedge that cracks
Open the door between Self and the Infinite One.
A creative discipline can be a Cosmic Wedge
That allows the flow state
Of super abundant spirit to pour through.
The creative force that manifests the cosmos
Is the same force that animates us all.

To truly please oneself is the secret of art.
Great artists are rarely satisfied with their work,
But when they are,
They please the One Self.

Do what you love.
When you manifest that,
You please the One Self.
And there is only One Self,
The One Self we all share,
The Infinite One.

Celebrate the Full Moon!
and check out our blog at


Allyson and Alex Grey

Monday, August 31, 2009

A bit of a visual overview of the Spiritual in Modern Art (part 2)

Georgia O'Keefe -

"Jack-in-the-Pulpit No. IV" 1930

"Black Mesa Landscape, New Mexico / Out Back of Marie's II" 1930

Arthur Dove -

"Me and the Moon" 1937

Piet Mondrian -
I learned he is attempting to discuss theosophic philosophy (a branch of western mysticism popular at the time) through his art. Think the way the Lakota use color on the alter to express their beliefs. Something like that.

"Tableau no. 2 / Composition no. V." 1914

"Composition with Red, Blue and Yellow" 1930

Paul Klee -

"Visual Music" 1922

A bit of a visual overview of the Spiritual in Modern Art (part 1)


Hilma of Klint -

“What A Human Being Is” - 1910

"Altar Painting, No. 1, Group 10" - 1915

Frantisek Kupka -

"Discs of Newton" - 1912

Wassily Kandinsky -

"Composition IV" - 1911

"Composition VIII" - 1923

"Several Circles" 1926

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Elder's Meditation of the Day - August 27

--Fools Crow, LAKOTA
There are certain prayers or actions we can take that will call the Powers. The Powers can only work through the people. The Powers are always waiting to express themselves through people that are ready. Every person born is born with a purpose. They have a song to sing. They have a mission to accomplish. Every true purpose will always be about serving the Creator and helping others. When we let the Powers know that we are ready to serve the people, the Powers get excited because they can now do things to help the people and make things better for them. The decision is powerful because it turns an idea into action.

Great Spirit, the greatest joy or feeling that I have ever experienced is when you are using me to help the people, the feeling of giving, the feeling of being your channel. Today, let me have that feeling of giving. Use me as You will.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009 sequence

I put together a yoga sequence from a selection of poses I found @

Click here to see the list of pose descriptions.
Click here to donate $2 and download a nice .pdf version.

My sequence:

opening -

- ANAHATASANA (3-5 min)
- BUTTERFLY (3-5 min)
- CATERPILLAR (3-5 min)
- CAT PULLING ITS TAIL (1 min/side)
- SPINX/SEAL (3-5 min)
- CHILD'S POSE (3-5 min)


hip openers:

- FROG (3-5 min)
- HAPPY BABY (3-5 min)
- SHOELACE (3-5 min/side)
- SQUARE (3-5 min/side)
- SQUAT (2-3 min)
- SLEEPING SWAN (3-5 min/side)
- SWAN (3-5 min/side)


- DANGLING (2-3 min)
- CAMEL (1-2 min)
- SADDLE (2-3 min)
- SNAIL (3-5 min)
- DRAGON (3-5 min/side)
- DRAGONFLY (3-5 min)


- DEER (2-3 min/side)
- TOE SQUAT (2-3 min)
- LYING TWIST (3-5 min/side)

End of Frank Zappa's "G-Spot Tornado"

Monday, August 24, 2009

I finish a painting.

I used to work at Our Lady of Lourdes School in Porcupine, SD on the Pine Ridge Reservation.

It was really good to paint because I had to spend time walking around OLL in my head. I had a picture to work from, but focusing on it just brought me right back there.

Its amazing how many vivid sensory details I can recall when I try.
They bring back the more peaceful moments of my time there.
Realizing I know where each tree and bush were
....picking out details of the playground
...the feeling of the wind up by the cove.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I just saw this on Amanda Palmer's blog.

Which I saw right after watching another video from the same artist on Lynsey's blog.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

corpus close up

corpus close up
Originally uploaded by porkshanks

(A note included under the picture on its Flickr page)

yum you can really taste the martyrdom.

he's made of Love now. Of course Love is the name of the sentient operating program that controls everyone linked to the system. Well, controls is a strong word. Coordinate, maybe? Make's people happy by keeping all the invisible gear teeth meshed up nice and tight. Its efficient and it likes us a lot. That's why its called Love.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

A way to spend my birthday

The Bastille Tumble
This event is for the funloving, but not the faint of heart or the easily offended. The Tumblers meet on July 14th in the 500 block of FRENCHMEN after dark, imbibe heavily, do lascivious Frenchie-type things and take to Le Street to storm Bars and Bastilles at dark-thirty. Clothing optional (especially given the heat), costumery encouraged and profuse sweating expected. (The "offishul" alternate name for this little soiree is Da Midsummer Night's Sweatfest.) Bring your instruments, percussion toys and dancin' shoes for the annual tumble (parade) through the French Quarter.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Overcome the ego

(Post copied from Psychadelic Adventure)

We have an ego based personality and we have our soul which resides deep within, which is pure energy, some call it the higher self. As we progress on the path of awakening, we overcome the ego and let the soul within guide us through difficult times. A place of Love is where the soul dwells and it knows no fear. The ego brings to the human experience, pain and suffering of a splintered personality that needs healing. We can choose not to live unconsciously letting our egos come in the way of evolution of consciousness which is why we are all here !

Dr.Wayne W. Dyer suggests seven ways to transcend the ingrained ideas of an all important ego self ....

1. Stop being offended.

The behavior of others isn’t a reason to be immobilized. That which offends you only weakens you. If you’re looking for occasions to be offended, you’ll find them at every turn. This is your ego at work convincing you that the world shouldn't be the way it is. But you can become an appreciator of life and match up with the universal Spirit of Creation. You can’t reach the power of intention by being offended. By all means, act to eradicate the horrors of the world, which emanate from massive ego identification, but stay in peace. As A Course in Miracles reminds us: Peace is of God, you who are part of God are not at home except in his peace. Being is of God, you who are part of God are not at home except in his peace. Being offended creates the same destructive energy that offended you in the first place and leads to attack, counterattack, and war.

2. Let go of your need to win.

Ego loves to divide us up into winners and losers. The pursuit of winning is a surefire means to avoid conscious contact with intention. Why? Because ultimately, winning is impossible all of the time. Someone out there will be faster, luckier, younger, stronger, and smarter-and back you’ll go to feeling worthless and insignificant.

You’re not your winnings or your victories. You may enjoy competing, and have fun in a world where winning is everything, but you don’t have to be there in your thoughts. There are no losers in a world where we all share the same energy source. All you can say on a given day is that you performed at a certain level in comparison to the levels of others on that day. But today is another day, with other competitors and new circumstances to consider. You’re still the infinite presence in a body that’s another day (or decade) older. Let go of needing to win by not agreeing that the opposite of winning is losing. That’s ego’s fear. If your body isn’t performing in a winning fashion on this day, it simply doesn’t matter when you aren’t identifying exclusively with your ego. Be the observer, noticing and enjoying it all without needing to win a trophy. Be at peace, and match up with the energy of intention. And ironically, although you’ll hardly notice it, more of those victories will show up in your life as you pursue them less.

3. Let go of your need to be right.

Ego is the source of a lot of conflict and dissension because it pushes you in the direction of making other people wrong. When you’re hostile, you’ve disconnected from the power of intention. The creative Spirit is kind, loving, and receptive; and free of anger, resentment, or bitterness. Letting go of your need to be right in your discussions and relationships is like saying to ego, I’m not a slave to you. I want to embrace kindness, and I reject your need to be right. In fact, I’m going to offer this person a chance to feel better by saying that she’s right, and thank her for pointing me in the direction of truth.

When you let go of the need to be right, you’re able to strengthen your connection to the power of intention. But keep in mind that ego is a determined combatant. I’ve seen people end otherwise beautiful relationships by sticking to their need to be right. I urge you to let go of this ego-driven need to be right by stopping yourself in the middle of an argument and asking yourself, Do I want to be right or be happy? When you choose the happy, loving, spiritual mood, your connection to intention is strengthened. These moments ultimately expand your new connection to the power of intention. The universal Source will begin to collaborate with you in creating the life you were intended to live.

4. Let go of your need to be superior.

True nobility isn’t about being better than someone else. It’s about being better than you used to be. Stay focused on your growth, with a constant awareness that no one on this planet is any better than anyone else. We all emanate from the same creative life force. We all have a mission to realize our intended essence; all that we need to fulfill our destiny is available to us. None of this is possible when you see yourself as superior to others. It’s an old saw, but nonetheless true: we are all equal in the eyes of God. Let go of your need to feel superior by seeing the unfolding of God in everyone. Don’t assess others on the basis of their appearance, achievements, possessions, and other indices of ego. When you project feelings of superiority that’s what you get back, leading to resentments and ultimately hostile feelings. These feelings become the vehicle that takes you farther away from intention. A Course in Miracles addresses this need to be special and superior: Special ness always makes comparisons. It is established by a lack seen in another, and maintained by searching for, and keeping clear in sight, all lacks it can perceive.

5. Let go of your need to have more.

The mantra of ego is more. It’s never satisfied. No matter how much you achieve or acquire, your ego will insist that it isn’t enough. You’ll find yourself in a perpetual state of striving, and eliminate the possibility of ever arriving. Yet in reality you’ve already arrived, and how you choose to use this present moment of your life is your choice. Ironically, when you stop needing more, more of what you desire seems to arrive in your life. Since you’re detached from the need for it, you find it easier to pass it along to others, because you realize how little you need in order to be satisfied and at peace.

The universal Source is content with itself, constantly expanding and creating new life, never trying to hold on to its creations for its own selfish means. It creates and lets go. As you let go of ego’s need to have more, you unify with that Source. You create, attract to yourself, and let it go, never demanding that more come your way. As an appreciator of all that shows up, you learn the powerful lesson St.Francis of Assisi taught:”…it is in giving that we receive.” By allowing abundance to flow to and through you, you match up with your Source and guarantee that this energy will continue to flow.

6. Let go of identifying yourself on the basis of your achievements.

This may be a difficult concept if you think you are your achievements. God writes all the music, God sings all the songs, God builds all the buildings, God is the source of all your achievements. I can hear your ego loudly protesting. Nevertheless, stay tuned to this idea. All emanates from Source! You and that Source are one! You’re not this body and its accomplishments. You are the observer. Notice it all; and be grateful for the abilities you’ve accumulated. But give all the credit to the power of intention, which brought you into existence and which you’re a materialized part of. The less you need to take credit for your achievements and the more connected you stay to the seven faces of intention, the more you’re free to achieve, and the more will show up for you. It’s when you attach yourself to those achievements and believe that you alone are doing all of those things that you leave the peace and the gratitude of your Source.

7. Let go of your reputation.

Your reputation is not located in you. It resides in the minds of others. Therefore, you have no control over it at all. If you speak to 30 people, you will have 30 reputations. Connecting to intention means listening to your heart and conducting yourself based on what your inner voice tells you is your purpose here. If you’re overly concerned with how you’re going to be perceived by everyone, then you’ve disconnected yourself from intention and allowed the opinions of others to guide you. This is your ego at work. It’s an illusion that stands between you and the power of intention. There’s nothing you can’t do, unless you disconnect from the power source and become convinced that your purpose is to prove to others how masterful and superior you are and spend your energy attempting to win a giant reputation among other egos. Do what you do because your inner voice always connected to and grateful to your Source-so directs you. Stay on purpose, detach from outcome, and take responsibility for what does reside in you: your character. Leave your reputation for others to debate; it has nothing to do with you. Or as a book title says: What You Think of Me Is None of My Business!

Monday, June 1, 2009


We are here to find meaning. We are here to help other people do the same. Everything else is secondary.
We humans want to believe in our own species. And we want people, companies and products in our lives that make it easier to do so. That is human nature.

Product benefit doesn't excite us. Belief in humanity and human potential excites us.

Think less about what your product does, and think more about human potential.

What statement about humanity does your product make?

The bigger the statement, the bigger the idea, the bigger your brand will become.

It's no longer just enough for people to believe that your product does what it says on the label. They want to believe in you and what you do. And they'll go elsewhere if they don't.

It's not enough for the customer to love your product. They have to love your process as well.

People are not just getting more demanding as consumers, they are getting more demanding as spiritual entities. Branding is a spiritual exercise. These are The New Realities, this is the Spiritual Republic we now live in.

The soul cannot be outsourced. Either get with the program or hire a consultant in Extinction Management. No vision, no business. Your life from now on pivots squarely on your vision of human potential.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Miss Body Plastic

Miss Body Plastik from Cinรฉ Institute on Vimeo.

Its about 15 (or so) min long. Absolutely beautiful. Almost made me cry (and for those of you who know me, know that that is quite a treat.)


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Monday, May 25, 2009

Things that happened yesterday.

1. It was a new moon.
2. The night before I finished my Aztec Calendar painting.
3. That morning I threw my wisdom teeth in the river.
4. I finished recording and mixing my CD.
5. I finished watching season 7 of BuffyTVS.

and as Kate later informed me...

4. It was Bob Dylan's birthday. Happy Day Grandpa Bandito!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Literary Update

Books I'm Done With:
- Wilco: Learning How to Die - Greg Knot

Books I've Started:
- House of Leaves - Mark Z. Danielewski
- T.A.Z. (Temporary Autonomous Zone) - Hakim Bay
- The Woman of Wyrrd: The Arousal of the Inner Fire - Lynn V. Andrews
- Slanky - poems by Mike Doughty
- Pirate's Utopia: Moorish Corsairs & European Renegadoes - Peter Lamborn Wilson
- Fear and Trembling - Soren Keirkegarrd
- New Orleans Noir - Julie Smith
- Noise: The Political Economy of Music - Jacques Attali

- The Complete Stories - Flannery O'Connor
(These last three just jumped onto the list)

Books In Line:
- Loloita - Vladimir Nabokov
- Immediatism - Hakim Bay
- Still in love with you: The story of Hank & Audrey Williams - Lycrecia Willams and Dale Vinicur
- Nature's Metropolis - William Cronon
- Fur Trade and Exploration: opening the far northwest 1821-1852 - Theodore J Karamsanski
- Infinite Grace: Where the worlds of science and spritual healing meet - Diane Goldner

Books I Am Putting Off Till Later:
- Sure of you - Armistead Maupin
- The Dancing Healers: a doctors journey of healing with native americans - Carl A Hammerschlag
- Burro Bill and Me: Ramblings in the American Desert - Edna Calkins Price
- The Shaman and the Medicine Wheel - Evelyn Eaton
- Magical Alphabets - Nigel Pennick

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Books to read before school...

- House of Leaves - Mark Z. Danielewski
- T.A.Z. (Temporary Autonomous Zone) - Hakim Bay
- Wilco: Learning How to Die - Greg Knot
- Loloita - Vladimir Nabokov
- Immediatism - Hakim Bay
- The Woman of Wyrrd: The Arousal of the Inner Fire - Lynn V. Andrews
- Nature's Metropolis - William Cronon
- Still in love with you: The story of Hank & Audrey Williams - Lycrecia Willams and Dale Vinicur
- Fur Trade and Exploration: opening the far northwest 1821-1852 - Theodore J Karamsanski
- Slanky - poems by Mike Doughty
- Pirate's Utopia: Moorish Corsairs & European Renegadoes - Peter Lamborn Wilson
- Fear and Trembling - Soren Keirkegarrd
- Sure of you - Armistead Maupin
- The Dancing Healers: a doctors journey of healing with native americans - Carl A Hammerschlag
- Burro Bill and Me: Ramblings in the American Desert - Edna Calkins Price
- The Shaman and the Medicine Wheel - Evelyn Eaton
- Magical Alphabets - Nigel Pennick
- Infinite Grace: Where the worlds of science and spritual healing meet - Diane Goldner

Ready, Set......GET READING!!!