Monday, February 25, 2008

Musical Cosmos

This is how it works (as I see it)...

notes and chords create direct and specific emotional resonances that evoke specific emotional states. This is brought about by the musician who has attuned themselves physically/emtionally/spiritually to be able to bring their own feelings down and out through the instrument. The "song" is the process of making that connection as it is the display of the emotional logic that links one sound to the next. It shows the reason that that person is choosing those words/notes/chords and helps us to find ways and reasons to connect to those sounds.

We are also being hit by the same energy caused by the frequency created by the tones coming from voice and instrumentation which in turn evoke such feelings within ourselves. Thus we are all brought into this moment of feeling as a collective as we are all sharing a space of internal resonance. When we all experience this together it makes the experience even more intense, stronger and real.

Specific types of energy bring us to specific geographic places within our selves. When a song "touches your heart" it really is in that the energy of your heart is being stirred and moved and shifted. This brings yourself more into that space as the songs vibration and energy is bringing your awareness into that place within yourself and tunes it to other energies in that song. Thus if a song has a heart expanding energy it expands your heart energy. If you have things to release in that place it helps to loosen our restriction/resistance to feelings and makes other emotions you may have been holding onto more easier to release or let go of.

Thus music stimulates us to heal ourselves as we are each capable of doing.

Also what this shows is that we all have a universal ability to access our feelings in that we CAN all listen to any kind of music. The kinds that we like or are drawn to are those whose stories or logic or "songs" somehow relate to something we hold in ourselves. Seeing that relationship is what brings out that sensation of experiencing beauty.

Different kinds of songs take us into different places within ourselves. That is why personality types are drawn to specific types of music. Its a way to learn and expand your own personal sense of persona by learning or appreciating or "attuning yourself" to different types of music.

Each type or genre of music ARE different vibratory worlds and create different types of energies and help us to see the real world in different ways by being examples of different types of perspective to view how to express yourself by. Those differences in experience can vary just as much within genre as they can in between them because really we are all drawn to music for such different specific reasons as we all have a different inner story going on in our head as we all have different emotional associations when we experience music as we all have different lives. It becomes a way to relate to others in a very specific way as it has conversation about music tends to lead to a discussion of your own inner associations as that is variable here, just as the sounds are the constant in this equation.

We become our own story tellers because someone else came along and showed off theirs. All cause someone chose to pick up an instrument (or just hold a space) and allow some energy to come down and out. But it only moves around if we allow it to come in and touch our insides. Because it can not be brought in. And it could not be brought down. But it does and we do and the cycle continues because we choose it to and the beauty echos out from us and into the cosmos and beyond. And that is how it all resonates out beyond ourselves and becomes a larger healing.

2-23-08 9:34 p.m. New Orleans, Louisiana

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